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Measurement Solutions for Medical Gases

Ntron design and manufacture gas measuring systems for medical-use oxygen which are essential in monitoring and analyzing of gases used in hospitals and healthcare facilities. Offering dependable and accurate measurement of oxygen purity and trace levels of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and moisture is essential in a patient focused setting. Medical-use oxygen is used for resuscitation and inhalation therapy and for medical conditions such as COPD, cyanosis, shock, severe hemorrhage, carbon monoxide poisoning, trauma, cardiovascular and respiratory arrest, resuscitation, and life support. Hyperbaric chambers historically have been used to treat divers with the bends (decompression sickness), but more and more they are used to alleviate the symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) by increasing the oxygen absorbed into the blood.

For patient safety, Ntron’s medical gases monitors and analysers are designed to continuously measure the quality of medical-use oxygen, carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) channelled through the hospital or facility medical gas piping network or anywhere a medical gas outlet is available. These gases must be strictly controlled to comply with current operating standards. Ntron’s medical gas measuring systems are designed to be adapted to your specific needs delivering peace of mind to you, our customer

Proven Sensor Technology

A major advantage of the Ntron Zirconia (ZrO2) sensor is fast response time and long sensor life with no drift. Additionally, shelf life or storage temperature are not an issue for ZrO2 sensors, however the most attractive feature of the Ntron Zirconia Sensor is its long service life in excess of five years under normal operating conditions. An Infra-red sensor is used for the CO2 measurement and is dependable with long service. The CO measurement is performed by an electrochemical sensor to obtain the very low levels of less than 5ppm required and are easy to replace when required. The Easidew transmitter uses proven ceramic impedance sensor technology and has been used globally for decades in trace moisture measurements.

Simple to install, Easy to operate

The MoGas93 is specifically directed at Oxygen Generation systems producing Oxygen at 93% volume and is designed to monitor the Oxygen produced. The unit is fitted with Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide and Dewpoint Sensors for simultaneous monitoring of the measured oxygen stream and includes Flow and Regulatory control. The Gasenz ambient monitor is ideal for use where gas lines, generators and cylinders are in enclosed rooms or corridors to warn of a potential leak. It is simply mounted to the wall and the integrated audio-visual alarm will be triggered if the oxygen levels become unsafe.

Additive Manufacturing Process Diagram


Microx Oxygen Analyser

The Microx is a compact and robust oxygen analyser that utilises zirconia or electrochemical technology to give a reliable measurement of oxygen concentration.
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The MoGas93 is specifically directed at Oxygen Generation systems producing Oxygen at 93% volume and is designed to monitor the Oxygen produced.
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SenzTx Oxygen Analyser

Senz-Tx Oxygen Sensor Transmitter

The Senz-Tx is a highly reliable and cost-effective transmitter with a linearized 4 to 20 mA output. It has a minimum detection range of 0-10 ppm up to 0-96% Oxygen.
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Optical Medical Oxygen Sensor

The low cost, low power and long life are what differentiates the LuminOx Optical Oxygen Sensors from other oxygen sensors.


Miniature Zirconium Dioxide Oxygen Sensors

SST’s range of Miniature Zirconium Dioxide Oxygen Sensors use a unique closed loop measurement system. While the sensor continuously measures the oxygen level, a heartbeat signal is also generated providing an immediate warning of any failures.



Based on decades of experience in the design and manufacture of oxygen instrumentation for respiratory medical devices, both models have been specifically designed for spot checking oxygen levels in anaesthesia, intensive care, incubators or other variants of respiratory or oxygen therapy.


Oxygen Sensor for Ventilators

Advanced galvanic type % oxygen sensors with excellent stability and accuracy under stringent applications.



A portable dew-point hygrometer, offering spot-check measurements of dew point or moisture content in many applications, including compressed air for medical facilities.

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