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MoGas Medical Oxygen Analyzer


  • Validation of medical oxygen generators
  • Product purity on oxygen generators and compressed air systems
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Bottling/filling plant applications


The MoGas is a wall mounted medical gas purity analyzer and is designed for use in medical oxygen generation systems for checking the purity of the oxygen produced.

It measures oxygen, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide concentrations for the monitoring of an oxygen generating system.

Mogas measurement table
  • Measurement Ranges: Zirconia O2 Sensor: 0-96% O2 Infrared CO2 Sensor: 0-1000ppm Electrochemical CO Sensor: 0-50ppm
  • Measures up to four parameters simultaneously
  • RS 485 modbus protocol
  • 24VDC power supply
  • Large backlit LCD display of gas concentration
  • Optional built-in audible and visual alarms
  • Programmable O2, CO and CO2 alarms output
  • Two isolated 4-20mA analogue outputs per channel

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